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The first time we dined at the “Great Sage” vegan restaurant in Clarksville, MD was last year. Our friend, Matt, and his wife had taken us out, and we were new to the world of plant-based eating. I remember being stunned at what chefs can do with vegetables, and had a “crabcake” made out of hearts of palm. Well, ever since then, I had wanted to come back to Great Sage, but it’s kind of far away from us (one hour). A year later, we finally came back.

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One thing to note: we tried to make reservations for Valentine’s Day, but when I called two days ahead, the tables were all taken. We came the other day on a Sunday night, and there was a 45-minute wait. They have a small bar and you can order your meal there, so we did that, and that was the best decision we could make! Not only were their drinks fantastic (P had the Nut Brown Ale and I had the rosemary-lemon vodka), but we got to chat with our bartender/waiter and manager, and had quick and impeccable service.

I have to say, the food was really good still, but every dish was a version of something I would make at home. Lentil stew? Yep. Thai noodles? Yep, cook those flavors almost every week. “Chicken” pot pie? Done, done, did it all. I think I was a little disappointed and expected something totally innovative (like the hearts of palm crabcakes) the second time around. But nevertheless, what we received was still good. We started off with deep-fried cauliflower florets, buffalo wings-style. Fantastic flavor!

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P had the black bean and beet burger (the redness in the beet resembled a medium-rare piece of meat – kind of unsettling but I get their point and the flavor was even better than a regular cow-burger). I had the “chicken” pot pie, because I make Thai noodles and stews all the time. My little one, C, had the grilled cheese and broccoli. Well, my girl inhaled all her broccoli, but eschewed her grilled cheese, ate the peas and “chicken” in my pot pie, and had a vegan cookie at the end.  Note to self: no vegan grilled cheese for her.

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P’s black bean and beet burger

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My “chick’n pot pie”

I left Great Sage that night, feeling satisfied, but even more confident in my vegan cooking, because I could produce these flavors at home. Whoop!

Location: 5809 Clarksville Square Dr, Clarksville, MD 21029
Tel: 443.535.9400


2 thoughts on “Great Sage, in Clarksville, MD

  1. Matthew

    Tram! Amazing! I cannot wait to try out all your recipes! You were so kind to me always making me the best vegan food! I am forever grateful to you and your family!


  2. Phi

    That’s cool that you realized you make a lot of the same stuff at home already. The burger sounds interesting.

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