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One of my absolute essentials in putting on my face is eyeliner, even more so than mascara, which I know is what a lot of people would say. It wakes my face up, and even though a lot of people would argue with me about this, I think liquid liners are easier than pencil liners. They give a more defined line, which is important, because I like to make my eyes look like they’re NOT caked in makeup, and just have a little definition.

I found this liquid eyeliner, called the Super FAT eye marker, by NYX, in the makeup aisle at Target. What?! $4.99?! Well, buying that was an easy decision, because it was inexpensive. AND it clearly stated in the back of the packaging that it was animal cruelty-free. Score!

I tried it on the next morning. Hello, new fave eyeliner.

I love how the eyeliner is thick and not one of those skinny little flimsy things. It gives more control when applying it, and even though it is a “super fat” eyeliner, the tip of the pencil is pointed, so you can make the line as thick or thin (I veer towards thin just for a little definition) as you’d like.

So, for under $5, I would totally recommend this, because it is a definite winner!

Disclaimer: I do not work for NYX, and was not compensated for endorsing this product.


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