Last year, P had a week-long training for his work over in Charleston, South Carolina. He went with some people from his department, one of whom was Matt, who was so nice that he would take care of our dog whenever we were out of town (which was A LOT – thanks Matt and Alyssa!). Well, knowing that Matt is vegan, P looked up vegan restaurants before our trip. We took Matt to Co, a modern and hip Vietnamese restaurant in the heart of Charleston’s charming architecture, as a way to let him know how much we appreciated his kindness.

This restaurant is not solely vegan, but they do have a separate vegan menu if you ask for it. They also have a gluten-free menu for people with gluten intolerance. Matt loved his meal – I don’t remember what he had, but we just remembered how enthusiastic he was about it.

So, when we learned we were going to take another family vacay to Charleston this year, we went back!

Edamame spring rolls

Edamame spring rolls



From the vegan menu, I ordered the edamame spring rolls with ginger-miso sauce, and the yakisoba with tofu and vegetables. The noodles were really flavorful, and the spring rolls were a fun twist on regular spring rolls. I like it when I get new ideas to make things at home, and I got that here with the new way I could make spring rolls – with edamame and miso! The flavors of the noodles were reminiscent of flavors I could make at home, but overall, this was a really good lunch.

I really do appreciate restaurants (and people) that go the extra mile to make sure they’re inclusive of different eating styles. It was nice to come back to Co.

Co Restaurant:
340 King St
Charleston, SC 29401
Tel: 843.720.3631



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  1. Matthew

    What a wonderful story! The food there was excellent and it was so nice to see a vegan menu in South Carolina. What was amazing about that trip is your willingness to find a place that we could all enjoy together! That was so kind of you to take me out!

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