IMG_0030Ever since I started doing more research on vegan beauty products (cosmetics that have not been tested on animals and are cruelty-free), I’ve been finding SO MUCH that fits into this category. I mean, seriously, it’s not at all difficult to read labels and make choices to not hurt animals.

Companies like LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics make their policy totally transparent. 83% of the company’s products are vegan, and 100% are vegetarian. I’ve walked into this store a few times out of curiosity, but this time I walked in, intending to get some face moisturizer. Finding a vegan moisturizer for my skin was so easy, and took all but five minutes, because I don’t like to look around too long (hello, I have a 4-year-old who likes to rub her hands all in the glittery bath bombs, wipe the glitter all over her face, and laugh hysterically). I just asked the store employee if she could direct me to a vegan face moisturizer, she asked me questions about my face (oily, dry, combination), I answered, and she tested the Imperialis moisturizer on my hand. Not too heavy/greasy/creamy….okay, I’ll buy it and try it out.

Love this moisturizer! It’s not heavily scented and smells wonderful, with a light lavender and orange infusion. I use it morning and night, and just 2-3 dabs of the moisturizer on my finger is enough. The store employee told me that the 1.5 oz pot should last me 9 months to a year, and I bought that pot of moisturizer for $24.95. If you wear sunscreen on your face, you’d need to put it on over the moisturizer. There is no SPF in LUSH products, so you will have to put separate sunscreen over the moisturizer, which is what I do. But the good thing is, since the moisturizer is lightweight, adding sunscreen doesn’t weigh it down or feel like there’s too much on my face.

I’ll buy this pot of moisturizer again…when it runs out in a year!