Honestly, I never really made the connection that because makeup brushes were made out of horse, squirrel, or any other animal hair, that it involved cruelty…until recently. When I realized how the hair actually got on my makeup brush, I kind of freaked out. Because it’s not like someone gave that mink, squirrel, horse, goat, or other animal a haircut, and let them frolic, freely in nature (I guess I kinda wanted to think that). No, sirree. There’s a lot of cruelty behind that, just as there is a lot of cruelty behind fur coats. If you want to know what happens, go here. It just seemed so unnecessary to do all that to an animal so I could put eyeshadow on. Not cool.

Good thing there are synthetic makeup brushes out there that are not only luxurious-feeling, but they’re inexpensive, too! This set of brushes (the starter set), by EcoTools, is made out of a synthetic fiber called taklon. The handles are made out of bamboo, sustainable and earth-friendly. The brushes are great; they pick up powder very easily, so you don’t have to keep brushing them on your powder to get them to stick to the synthetic fibers. I really think these are better than any brushes I’ve used (I don’t know what animal hair was on those), because they are super, super soft and inexpensive for what you get. $12.99 is the online price, but I got mine at a military exchange, which was a few dollars cheaper.

Anyways, my cousin, who is a vegan (8 years!) and will be contributing some beauty product reviews soon (don’t ask her to cook – ha!), texted me a few weeks after I got my set, that she bought hers too! We both think the brushes are awesome.

I love that there are so many cruelty-free choices out there; I just bought a couple of my friends some cruelty-free makeup brushes a month ago, and intend to keep showing y’all the good things I find in this blog!