My cousin, Nhumy, has been a vegan for nearly seven years now. She is one serious yogi (as if you can’t tell by the picture) and has a degree in Nutrition. The girl doesn’t cook (which has always baffled me, but she’s lucky that she has a sister who feeds her belly vegan yummies!), but she has great recommendations for cruelty-free beauty routines, and she’ll share them here. I asked her awhile back, why she chose the vegan lifestyle. She replied, “If I don’t have to hurt an animal, and it’s easy to not eat them, why not?” Simply stated. So, friends, let me introduce you to Nhumy!



John Masters Face Wash:

This face wash from John Master’s collection is truly a winner in my book! Not only is it an amazing alternative for those looking for more natural and less harsh skin care products, John Master’s skin care collection uses certified organic ingredients and plant extracts to aid with oily skin and sensitive skin alike! I just love this Bearberry Skin Balancing face wash. The foam massages nicely and leaves the skin so soft and smooth. I find myself loving the citrus floral aroma this product as well!


XOXO, Nhumy