Lotion is a tricky thing for me. I totally despise heavily perfumed lotions that leave you walking around like a rose bush, or ones that are greasy and for elephant heels with super cracked feet (though I do appreciate that when it’s 9 degrees in Maryland and my skin gets a beating from this weather). And now, I’m looking for companies that do not animal test, have natural ingredients, essential oils versus synthetic frangrance, etcetera etcetera.

When I stumbled upon EO Everyone 3-in-1 body lotion at Target the other month, I was pretty stoked. First off, you can use it on your face AND hands AND the rest of your body. It’s not greasy, and lightweight enough for humid days in Maryland. Next, I LOVE the scent. I don’t like to walk around smelling like I’ve smeared on gobs of coconut sunscreen, but this lotion is balanced with lemon essential oils, so it’s a great combination to wear anytime.

The price – I got it for around $11 at Target. This is a great price, because you get a whopping 32 ounces from this (that’s TWO POUNDS of lotion!). I’m not going to name the name of the store, but there’s a place that sells heavily-scented lotions and you can get 8 ounces of the stuff for about $10-$12, regular price. This EO Everyone lotion, where the entire bottle is made from recycled material, cruelty-free, paraben-free, scented with essential oils, BPA-free, is overall, a really great deal. This is an instance where you can vote with your dollar – because it really counts. I mean, do you have to do the math? $11 versus about $40 or more (when comparing ounces) for the “popular” brand? EO is obviously a nicer company for your wallet, environment, and animals, in this case.

Can’t wait to find and try more EO products. I’m digging the company and will let you know about more products as I try them!