We like beer. In San Diego, we have gone on a brewery tour at the Green Flash Brewing Company, tried some local brews, and called our friends to meet us up at Stone Brewing in Liberty Station one day. My BFF, Phi, and her family joined us on a beautiful Monday evening. Side note: I really can’t get over the weather here in California. I grew up here but have been away for the past seven years. I kind of don’t want to leave now. It’s cool, breezy, and we’re all happy to be around family here in California – I’m kind of dreading the fact that it’ll be winter in Maryland in a few months (the first few snowfalls are fun, but it gets old after week five). I do love every place we live in, and I am not the type of person who yearns for this instead of that, because I’m obviously grateful and thankful for the present moment. But obviously, there’s no place like home.

When we told Phi that we wanted to eat at Stone for dinner on a Monday night, we didn’t know they had a special Meatless Monday menu. What?! This was awesome! I usually always find something to eat, so never really worry about the menu. Even if things are not on the menu, chefs are usually more than happy to work with special requests. I know when we were at Husk in Charleston, SC, the chef made me a beautiful cast-iron plate of roasted veg, grains, and fried kale. I simply asked the waitress to let the chef provide whatever he wanted, and he was so happy to be creative and hear me rave about my beautiful dish.

Needless to say, Stone’s Meatless Monday menu did not disappoint. It was a good menu, too – with lots of options! Six appetizers, four soups and greens, and six main entrees. Way more than expected, and you can choose more meatless options from the main menu, as well. I love abundant options!

We ordered a few things from both menus. For starters, we had the house-made kim chi (main menu), which was nicely pickled and spicy. Last time P was here, he said they slightly pureed it and was really good (that sounds like baby food to me, but now it’s regular-textured kimchi). We also ordered the flash-fried pea sprouts, which was tossed in a five-spice and soy sauce blend. We also had the BBQ avocado taco trio, which was fried avocado tacos topped with a green papaya-jicama slaw. In my opinion, the slaw MADE the dish. Everything was really tasty and the flavors were fresh and interesting.

I had the tofusoba – stir-fried soba noodles with caramelized tofu, mushrooms, broccoli, cashews, and pickled ginger on the side. I loved this dish, and even had enough to bring back to the hotel, and reheat it the next day after my workout. It’s great when you have leftovers that’ll do you a body good!