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Ever since I’ve started being more plant-based, probably for over a year now, I’ve been slowly clearing my beauty inventory and replacing my old products with new, cruelty-free choices. I’ve heard of some people just suddenly throwing away all they had to replace them with vegan products, but honestly, I can’t do that. It’s all about being mindful of what I have and what I purchase now, and not wasting something that I already have (no throwing money down the drain!).

My BFF, Phi, bought me this eye/lip palette from NYX, a very affordable and cruelty-free cosmetics company. I love this palette, Nude on Nude, and can vary my colors from nude to beige to brown to grey. I can even add a tiny bit of shimmer with the more sparkly shadows. The lip glosses are all colors that I can wear to add just a touch of color. If you don’t know by now, even though I wear makeup, it is just to accentuate my features, and not to cake it on. This was a perfect gift from Phi, and she is always so considerate to think of people’s choices when it comes to picking out a gift! Thanks sistafriend!

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