We took a little trip last weekend to see Philadelphia. It’s so close to where we are, yet we never really get the chance to go (we always sprint to NYC). We’ve been to Philly before, separately, with our families, so maybe that’s why the appeal was lost. It’s really fun exploring a new city that we both haven’t been to, and we did that with cute places like Alexandria, Richmond (Virginia), and Charleston (South Carolina).

By the way, shout-out to my hubs for digging the unapologetic tourist that I am. I am dorky and overly excited about things that are not normal in my daily scene, like seeing Spanish moss on oak trees, scoring antique porch chairs at a closing yarn store for $10 each, and cute gourmet doughnuts with kitty faces piped on them in royal icing. I have no inhibitions containing my “ooohhs!” of excitement, because I don’t really care if I’m acting “cool” or not. Just be in the moment, and enjoy every moment life gives you!

Anyways, back to Philly. We were excited to find that Philadelphia had some good vegan options, because we don’t have any in Annapolis (sorry, Annapolis, we love you, but you’re sorely lacking in that plant-based scene). We had V Street one night for dinner, which is a small plates vegan restaurant. It was really good with the first three plates that we got, but the last three plates were super salty. I was guzzling down water for the rest of the night. Better to be under-salted than way too salty, because the consumer can always adjust to their taste. They also didn’t have a kids’ menu, so the nice waitress said that they could whip up some plain ramen noodles in butter on the side for the little one. I asked for maybe some broccoli on the side, but she said that the vegetables were already marinated in a spicy marinade. So, figuring the plain noodles would have been at MOST a few dollars, we said ok, and didn’t ask about the price. When we got the check, and C’s noodles cost $12! That felt like such a big rip-off, but it was our fault for not asking. Next time we have to remember to clarify the prices, even if we feel weird about it.

The next day, we sought to make up for our “meh” dining experience the night before. We found Blackbird Pizzeria, Philly’s first all-vegan pizzeria, and arrived there about twenty minutes before it opened at 11am. Which was great, because right across the street was a big playground! My girl got her energy out on the swings (and pushing me on the swings), threw her Barbie down the slides, and jumped on the bridge. After a while we all got hungry and the pizzeria just opened its doors.

Blackbird Pizzeria was so cute. It was small, quaint, and hip. Nadine, behind the counter, was icing cupcakes and made all these fantastic-looking vegan desserts (we got one of them!). We got a small Haymaker pizza ($12), which was a perfect size for the two of us and our little one. Seitan sausage, garlic butter, Daiya cheese, red onion, and fresh oregano. We LOVED it, and the crust was perfectly crisp and chewy. I kept eyeing the dirt pudding in the fridge, and Nadine said that she made a chocolate coconut milk pudding, layered sunflower seeds, chocolate cookie crumbs, and topped it off with a fresh rosemary sprig. I had to get it, and it was a great way to end my lunch on the walk back to our hotel. If I lived in Philly, that would easily become one of my go-to places. Definitely made up for the night before! Thanks Blackbird Pizzeria, for a great meal before heading home!



Blackbird Pizzeria
507 s 6th St.
Philadelphia, PA, 19147