It’s been awhile since I’ve posted something on the “beauty” page, because I don’t like to buy lots of things and accumulate them! I use what I have, make what I can, and only buy something when it’s absolutely essential.

If you guys know me, I’m a simple kind of gal. I don’t get manicures or pedicures, dye my hair (because there’s not too many white hairs on my head…yet!), wear tons of makeup, spend lots of money shopping, or other things like that. My mother-in-law has told me she brags to her friends that I just splurge on buying good food to feed my family. Which makes me feel good. It’s flavor and experiences that matter in life, not all that other stuff.

But I’m in my third trimester of pregnancy now, and I’m in love with the scent of rose water. I try to keep my exposure to chemicals minimal, because what I’m exposed to, baby’s also exposed to. Things like bisphenol-A in plastics and canned foods (which I rarely consume anyways, because I’d rather cook from fresh produce), all the fragrances in perfumes or lotions scented with unnatural things, and cleaning products (which is why I’ve been on a rampage making cleaners out of vinegar, baking soda, castile soap, and essential oils). I’ve never used toner before, but I ran across rose water toner on Amazon to spritz on my face. It claims to balance the pH of the skin, tone without irritating or introducing unnatural chemicals, and absorb excess oils on the face. And when you’re in the third trimester of pregnancy, feeling great is an absolute necessity when you’re out of breath doing simple things around the house, or you can’t even bend down to put on your shoes (thank you to my 5-year-old and hubby for helping me with all that!).

So I bought Teddie Organics: Organic Rose Water Toner this week. I was SO HAPPY I made this purchase (under $20). A spritz on my face every day, either on a clean face or over makeup, makes me happy. I feel like it rejuvenates my skin, gives me a little aromatherapy, and it’s not drying as some rose water products can be. It’s not tested on animals, is 100% rose water, so it’s vegan. If you want a little splurge (as I do in this pregnancy), I say go for it! From my research, rose water is fine to use during pregnancy and doesn’t contain those questionable chemicals that regular facial toners have. I bought an organic rose water toner to be sure there were any pesticides sprayed on the roses before it was made into rose water. #treatyoself ! 🙂 <3 signature