Hi friends!

I’m excited to announce that I have partnered with Thrive market as an affiliate member. So watch out for future posts (this one has a great deal here!), because I’ll be bringing you some good deals that are on top of what Thrive has to offer!

For those who are unfamiliar with Thrive market, it’s a membership-based online grocer that offers way much more than groceries. You get all these great products that are up to 50% off from what you’d pay at your regular grocer (think: Costco meets Whole Foods), get free shipping for orders over $49 (so easy), and your membership fee of $59.95 gets made back easily within a couple of orders (the membership fee is charged after a 30-day free trial). They do this by cutting out the middleman and eliminating retail mark-up, and Thrive gives back to other households in need with each paying membership. You can shop according to your values (gluten-free, vegan, raw, mom-life, etc) from the comfort of your own home.

This is so necessary in my life right now. I have a soon-to-be 1-year-old and a 6-year-old, and it’s kind of nuts in this household. We have one car and try to walk to grocery stores when we can. I don’t have memberships to other places, like Costco, because I don’t like to buy in bulk (no space, and so much waste and pressure to eat all the food!), buy my toilet paper on Amazon, and can fare pretty well by walking to the closest drugstore to get whatever I need, but life could get simpler.

Enter in Thrive market. Thrive helps me cut back on a trip or two to other stores and enables me to focus on the things that need to be done (like being more present with my family, and eliminating excessive trips to the store, because I do like to look for high-quality ingredients to feed and care for my household).

And moms – we all know the importance of a baby’s nap schedule. Too often, my infant falls asleep on the way to Whole Foods, and the 5-minute nap is ruined by the time I transfer her out of the car. Yay me. I also try to be as environmentally conscious as possible, and Thrive deliveries are in recyclable packages (made from recyclable materials) which are 100% carbon neutral.

Thrive market works to have a catalog of products that are completely free of GMOs (genetically modified organisms), and organic products wherever possible. It’s really a win-win situation with this online grocer. I don’t like to endorse products on my site, but knowing that a lot of the values of this company are in line with my values, I thought it would be great to get the word out on this company.

On my first order, I got essentials like non-dairy hazelnut creamer, rose toner (the last one I bought was $15 and broke in the glass bottle – so imagine my joy when I saw this for $6!), tea tree oil toilet bowl cleaner, baby snacks, and organic canned tomato products (again – heavy to carry back home when combined with milk and other heavy perishables from TJs).

So, I want you to experience the awesome-ness that is Thrive, so I’m gifting you with 25% OFF your first order along with free shipping!

Click on the link here and try it out.

Check out my first Thrive box. I got some kitchen essentials because I have some dishes to make in mind after I go to get my produce at the farmer’s market today, and this box came within the same week of my order, so dinner will be great tonight! I saved close to $50 on this order and only spent about $47 for 14 items. If you’ve gotten rosewater toner, fair-trade/cruelty-free face and body wash before, you know this is a deal.

Honest Kids juice boxes, a couple cans of fire-roasted diced tomatoes (great for soups and chilis), a can of crushed tomatoes, Nutpods non-dairy hazelnut coffee creamer (made from almond and coconut milks), sushi rice, and Baby Mum-Mums (my baby loves these and her older sister tries to swipe them from her).

I love these household goodies and can’t wait to shop more, when baby’s napping or any other free minute I have to sit down. From left to right are the non-food items I got. Desert Essence face wash – this stuff smells like a high-end hotel spa experience, and look at that size! That face wash was about $11 for 32 ounces. I basically don’t need to buy any more face wash for the whole year. LOL! Fair trade body wash, rosewater toner, cruelty-free toilet bowl cleaner.

Just give Thrive market a browse online, and you’ll be so happy with what they have to offer. Click here for a free 30-day membership, 25% off your first box, and free shipping.

Happy dance time!