Somehow, I always cook more chickpeas than I need. I try to find different ways to use them in my food, and this time, while I was looking in my fridge, I knew that the leftover brown rice I had would be a perfect binder and lighten up the density of the chickpeas in some veg burgers. I love these veggie burgers, and wish I made more, because my husband snacked on the last couple of patties before bed. Thanks… Read more »

I love the tapioca-like texture that chia seeds impart to a food. Here, the chia seeds gel overnight in the coconut and almond milks. This makes it reminiscent to my childhood, when my mom would make Vietnamese chè (dessert soup) out of tapioca pearls and mung beans in a syrupy coconut milk “soup.” I add matcha powder and maple syrup to this, because lately, I’ve been making lots of matcha lattes out of non-dairy milks, and I love it. I probably don’t… Read more »

This sauce was served as an accompaniment to my Buddha bowl party. It’s great to just have a bowl of this hanging out in your fridge to dress up any bowl of rice, use as a dipping sauce for summer rolls, toss with pasta and some greens for a quick meal, or have it as an accompanying sauce for fried tofu. It’s super easy to make, and has a lot of my favorite ingredients (peanut butter, coconut milk, and Thai… Read more »

For those who know me, I love having people over to share a meal and entertain. When my husband was the Officer Rep for a student club over at the Naval Academy, it was pretty common for us to host a meal for up to 30 midshipmen at a time. I’m no stranger when it comes to cooking for a crowd, but our place was big back in Annapolis. It’s much smaller here in the Bay Area, but we still… Read more »

I’d be the first person to tell you that I LOVE donuts. Something about the fried, crispy exterior and cakey inside is my foodie weakness. Maple cake donuts, to be exact. There are no vegan donuts around where we are in the Bay Area, but if I go to Whole Foods earlier in the day, they have just what I need if I’m craving it – vegan maple cake donuts! Obviously, I can’t be eating donuts often. Even though foods… Read more »

You know those bright pink-colored, artificially strawberry-flavored milk drinks you had when you were a kid? This is NOT that. This is subtle strawberry, slightly sweet, extra rich cashew milk. I LOVE making cashew milk, because it requires no brains, effort, or straining as in other nut milks. Anything that requires minimal prep, quick, and is homemade gets bonus points in my book. Enjoy! Strawberry cashew milk Print Recipe CourseBeverages Servings Prep Time 4 cups 2 minutes Passive Time 6… Read more »

I’ve been meaning to buy coffee creamer the last THREE times I’ve been at the grocery store, and have even written it in the notes section of my phone, but I keep forgetting! It’s mommy brain, I tell you. Finally, after I realized I forgot it AGAIN, I figured I better make me some, because I don’t want to go to the store one more time and have another brain fart. So, after I woke up early this morning to… Read more »

This recipe is for my friend, Stella! I post frequently on Instagram (@this_veglife), more often than I do here. I haven’t had much time to do other stuff, since I had my baby towards the end of August, and meals as of late have been flash-prepared in a matter of minutes, with no time to write down recipes. When I posted a picture of this and Stella asked for the recipe, the pressure was on to start doing this recipe-writing… Read more »

My family LOVES this shake – it really just tastes like a chocolate milkshake, and you wouldn’t even think that it’s good for you! I make this when I am having a sweet tooth and have some frozen, sliced bananas ready for me in the freezer. It’s full of good stuff like calcium (from fortified almond milk), potassium (bananas), hemp seeds and almond butter (plant-based protein), cocoa powder, maple syrup, and cinnamon. I love lots of cinnamon in this milkshake,… Read more »

Yesterday, I posted this Thai tofu scramble up on my Instagram account (@this_veglife). I’ve made this tofu scramble for a couple of years now, and even taught it to a vegan breakfast cooking class at the Whole Foods Culinary Center in Annapolis, MD. This is an old recipe, but one that I have been using for a long time. I never measure, so when I have to write a recipe, I have to buckle down and jot things down on… Read more »