Nước chấm is a popular condiment and staple of Vietnamese food. It’s a multipurpose sauce, used as a dip for egg rolls, summer rolls, bún (rice noodle dishes), and lots more. It’s made with fish sauce, sugar, lime juice, garlic, and Thai bird chili peppers, but I haven’t had fish sauce in my pantry in a couple years. I’ve found that I can achieve similar flavors with plant-based umami sources – mushrooms, soy sauce, mushroom seasoning, vegan chicken boullion cubes,… Read more »

Holy cow. The past few days, my 11-month-old has been waking up every morning at around 5:27am instead of 7:30am. This means that I can’t get up in time to wake up for the day, and I usually stumble into her room without even putting my glasses on (I’m blind as a bat, by the way) because I have to address the “MAMA!!!!!” cries. I’ve tripped over a book and stubbed my toe getting to her. Oh, and she’s teething… Read more »

Hi friends! I’m excited to announce that I have partnered with Thrive market as an affiliate member. So watch out for future posts (this one has a great deal here!), because I’ll be bringing you some good deals that are on top of what Thrive has to offer! For those who are unfamiliar with Thrive market, it’s a membership-based online grocer that offers way much more than groceries. You get all these great products that are up to 50% off from… Read more »