It’s been awhile since I’ve posted something on the “beauty” page, because I don’t like to buy lots of things and accumulate them! I use what I have, make what I can, and only buy something when it’s absolutely essential. If you guys know me, I’m a simple kind of gal. I don’t get manicures or pedicures, dye my hair (because there’s not too many white hairs on my head…yet!), wear tons of makeup, spend lots of money shopping, or… Read more »

Hi friends! It’s been awhile since I posted about beauty products that are animal cruelty-free. I’ve been using these products for a few months now, and they work for me. Let’s start with Burt’s Bees fragrance-free body lotion, with shea butter and Vitamin E. Burt’s Bees is an example of a company that does not do animal testing, but is not vegan, because their products contain ingredients such as honey, beeswax, milk, or other animal byproducts. Some vegans use honey,… Read more »

Ever since I’ve started being more plant-based, probably for over a year now, I’ve been slowly clearing my beauty inventory and replacing my old products with new, cruelty-free choices. I’ve heard of some people just suddenly throwing away all they had to replace them with vegan products, but honestly, I can’t do that. It’s all about being mindful of what I have and what I purchase now, and not wasting something that I already have (no throwing money down the… Read more »

We’re travelling a lot this month, and that means I try to get my lotions, sunscreens, and face washes at our final destination. Why? Because airplane travel always leads to fun surprises, like face wash leaking or sunscreens that burst because of pressure changes in the airplane! Even if I take extra precaution, like ziploc bagging my beauty products, it always leads to some sort of mess. If anyone can please tell me the secret to a no-mess flight, please,… Read more »

Lotion is a tricky thing for me. I totally despise heavily perfumed lotions that leave you walking around like a rose bush, or ones that are greasy and for elephant heels with super cracked feet (though I do appreciate that when it’s 9 degrees in Maryland and my skin gets a beating from this weather). And now, I’m looking for companies that do not animal test, have natural ingredients, essential oils versus synthetic frangrance, etcetera etcetera. When I stumbled upon… Read more »

Nhumy wrote her first VegBeauty article here, and now, it’s all about the Griffin Remedy Body Wash. Griffin Remedy has a host of all-natural, vegan beauty products consisting of high-quality ingredients. Her review: Griffin Remedy brand is one of my absolute favorites of all body care products out there! The body wash and body gel are both nourishing to the skin and keep the body happy! For normal to sensitive skin this product is infused with essential oils and minerals… Read more »

My cousin, Nhumy, has been a vegan for nearly seven years now. She is one serious yogi (as if you can’t tell by the picture) and has a degree in Nutrition. The girl doesn’t cook (which has always baffled me, but she’s lucky that she has a sister who feeds her belly vegan yummies!), but she has great recommendations for cruelty-free beauty routines, and she’ll share them here. I asked her awhile back, why she chose the vegan lifestyle. She replied,… Read more »

A few years ago, I got a facial because my face was getting really irritated and started to break out (yes, I know people that get facials a few times a year; I’m not one of those people). What I got from the esthetician was some valuable information – my skin is pretty sensitive, and I was basically scrubbing it raw everyday, inviting little germies into my skin, and causing breakouts. So what I had to do was just use… Read more »

Honestly, I never really made the connection that because makeup brushes were made out of horse, squirrel, or any other animal hair, that it involved cruelty…until recently. When I realized how the hair actually got on my makeup brush, I kind of freaked out. Because it’s not like someone gave that mink, squirrel, horse, goat, or other animal a haircut, and let them frolic, freely in nature (I guess I kinda wanted to think that). No, sirree. There’s a lot… Read more »

  Ever since I started doing more research on vegan beauty products (cosmetics that have not been tested on animals and are cruelty-free), I’ve been finding SO MUCH that fits into this category. I mean, seriously, it’s not at all difficult to read labels and make choices to not hurt animals. Companies like LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics make their policy totally transparent. 83% of the company’s products are vegan, and 100% are vegetarian. I’ve walked into this store a few… Read more »