Hey guys! It’s Tram, and I’m still here! The past few months have been a blur of activity, so I haven’t posted at all in awhile. This is what our family has been up to the last couple of months: – Moved from Annapolis, MD, to Southern California – Traveled to The Woodlands, TX, for my husband to compete in the Ironman 140.6 (he is a FINISHER! Check out my fueling strategies here and here. – Said our goodbyes to… Read more »

We took a little trip last weekend to see Philadelphia. It’s so close to where we are, yet we never really get the chance to go (we always sprint to NYC). We’ve been to Philly before, separately, with our families, so maybe that’s why the appeal was lost. It’s really fun exploring a new city that we both haven’t been to, and we did that with cute places like Alexandria, Richmond (Virginia), and Charleston (South Carolina). By the way, shout-out… Read more »

We like beer. In San Diego, we have gone on a brewery tour at the Green Flash Brewing Company, tried some local brews, and called our friends to meet us up at Stone Brewing in Liberty Station one day. My BFF, Phi, and her family joined us on a beautiful Monday evening. Side note: I really can’t get over the weather here in California. I grew up here but have been away for the past seven years. I kind of… Read more »

We’re travelling a lot this month, and that means I try to get my lotions, sunscreens, and face washes at our final destination. Why? Because airplane travel always leads to fun surprises, like face wash leaking or sunscreens that burst because of pressure changes in the airplane! Even if I take extra precaution, like ziploc bagging my beauty products, it always leads to some sort of mess. If anyone can please tell me the secret to a no-mess flight, please,… Read more »

We are in California for a few weeks, and went out on a date night to Seabirds in Costa Mesa, CA. It’s located in the anti-mall, the Lab, and is about two years old. I remember coming to this area when I was going to college at UC Irvine years ago, which is not far from there, and pretending to shop in those areas. I really didn’t like the ritzy scene of South Coast Plaza then, when I was a… Read more »

We took a short trip out to Charlottesville, Virginia, the other weekend. Charlottesville is looked at as the “Napa Valley” wine country of the East Coast, and is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Rolling green hills, streets and highways surrounded by dense green forest, hiking trails, and of course, the wineries. Not as many as Napa, but enough. Charlottesville is where Thomas Jefferson’s winery and Monticello estate lie, and both are a must-see when coming out here. No vegan or vegetarian restaurants, but… Read more »

We went to Baltimore this past weekend, since we’re local, and went to VegFest at the UMBC campus. This was our first veg-festival, and I was getting pretty excited to go. I even made my husband lug around a cooler and our yoga mat, because I had heard that the cooler was was recommended (it was warm so ended up being a good idea to store our goodies), and they were going to have kids and adults yoga classes out… Read more »

Last year, P had a week-long training for his work over in Charleston, South Carolina. He went with some people from his department, one of whom was Matt, who was so nice that he would take care of our dog whenever we were out of town (which was A LOT – thanks Matt and Alyssa!). Well, knowing that Matt is vegan, P looked up vegan restaurants before our trip. We took Matt to Co, a modern and hip Vietnamese restaurant… Read more »

Living on the East Coast means that we can easily travel to other destinations that we wouldn’t even think of when we were living elsewhere. Charleston, Charlottesville, Richmond, and others, to name a few, but the big city that comes to mind would be NEW YORK CITY. I absolutely love and adore New York City, and am crazy about the food there. Like, before we go, my husband and I look up youtube videos for restaurant reviews. In my mind,… Read more »

The first time we dined at the “Great Sage” vegan restaurant in Clarksville, MD was last year. Our friend, Matt, and his wife had taken us out, and we were new to the world of plant-based eating. I remember being stunned at what chefs can do with vegetables, and had a “crabcake” made out of hearts of palm. Well, ever since then, I had wanted to come back to Great Sage, but it’s kind of far away from us (one… Read more »