Nước chấm is a popular condiment and staple of Vietnamese food. It’s a multipurpose sauce, used as a dip for egg rolls, summer rolls, bún (rice noodle dishes), and lots more. It’s made with fish sauce, sugar, lime juice, garlic, and Thai bird chili peppers, but I haven’t had fish sauce in my pantry in a couple years. I’ve found that I can achieve similar flavors with plant-based umami sources – mushrooms, soy sauce, mushroom seasoning, vegan chicken boullion cubes,… Read more »

This dish was a hit in my house. For weekly grocery shopping, I usually fill up on staples that are running low (beans, lentils, tofu, coconut milk, spices, nondairy milks), get ingredients for a specific dish I want to make, and then a few fruits and veggies for the week. I usually don’t have a recipe in mind, and can usually think of something to make when given a few ingredients. This was one of those dishes, because I wanted… Read more »

I woke up at 4:47am this morning. My sleep has been really erratic with a 9-month-old, so it was no big surprise that I couldn’t go back to sleep. Then my stomach started growling, and as any mom knows, when you have a chance to eat, you eat, because you don’t know when else you’ll have a free minute! I started thinking that it would be a great treat for my 6-year-old to wake up to some baked vegan doughnuts…. Read more »

This sauce was served as an accompaniment to my Buddha bowl party. It’s great to just have a bowl of this hanging out in your fridge to dress up any bowl of rice, use as a dipping sauce for summer rolls, toss with pasta and some greens for a quick meal, or have it as an accompanying sauce for fried tofu. It’s super easy to make, and has a lot of my favorite ingredients (peanut butter, coconut milk, and Thai… Read more »

For those who know me, I love having people over to share a meal and entertain. When my husband was the Officer Rep for a student club over at the Naval Academy, it was pretty common for us to host a meal for up to 30 midshipmen at a time. I’m no stranger when it comes to cooking for a crowd, but our place was big back in Annapolis. It’s much smaller here in the Bay Area, but we still… Read more »

The other day, my hubs was supposed to bring a snack to his department at work for a meeting. It totally slipped his mind! We don’t have storage space for tons of snacks (we also like to just buy what we need for the week and don’t get things in bulk), so we didn’t have anything in our pantry. But I did have some garbanzo beans (chickpeas), tahini (sesame seed paste), celery, and rainbow-colored carrots (love those!) in the fridge,… Read more »

This jam is the JAM. It was only natural for me to try what everyone has been trying these days – raspberry chia seed jam. It’s pretty simple: throw in some thawed, frozen raspberries, and a bunch of other things you want into your food processor, let it chill out in the fridge for an hour, and BOOM – you have jam. It takes all but 5 minutes! No excuses NOT to make this. A lot of other recipes out… Read more »

I am picky about my mayonnaise, and when I started on this plant-based journey about a year ago, found that it was difficult to find a good substitute. I also did not like having to succumb to supermarket imitation mayo-like spreads that were full of chemicals and hard-to-pronounce ingredients. So I set off on a vegan mayo recipe hunt, and when I found this recipe by Isa Chandra Moskowitz, it was a winner! Side note – Isa’s book, Isa Does… Read more »