Holy cow. The past few days, my 11-month-old has been waking up every morning at around 5:27am instead of 7:30am. This means that I can’t get up in time to wake up for the day, and I usually stumble into her room without even putting my glasses on (I’m blind as a bat, by the way) because I have to address the “MAMA!!!!!” cries. I’ve tripped over a book and stubbed my toe getting to her. Oh, and she’s teething… Read more »

I’d be the first person to tell you that I LOVE donuts. Something about the fried, crispy exterior and cakey inside is my foodie weakness. Maple cake donuts, to be exact. There are no vegan donuts around where we are in the Bay Area, but if I go to Whole Foods earlier in the day, they have just what I need if I’m craving it – vegan maple cake donuts! Obviously, I can’t be eating donuts often. Even though foods… Read more »

The past year, I was in the habit of buying a package of Medjool dates every week, to make my energy bites to fuel my hubby for his Ironman training. Well, he pretty much rocked the Ironman on a plant-based diet, but now that it’s over, the training is scaled back a lot. Even though he’s still swimming/biking/running, now it’s just to keep up his fitness level and to feel great. I don’t have to be super-involved in planning his… Read more »

We went to a Strawberry Festival the other week, and naturally, you buy tons of strawberries! I was back in the kitchen after an almost two-month hiatus (see previous post) and so glad to uncover these 4-inch tart pans from my baking arsenal. Because I moved to a new area, I spent a lot of time the past few weeks figuring out where to buy my groceries. I discovered a Mother’s Market nearby, and this vegan strawberry Jel seemed interesting… Read more »

This weekend, Blizzard Jonas came into town. In the past couple years that we’ve been here, the most I’ve seen is about 8 inches of snow, which is a lot for this Cali native. In TWO DAYS, we had almost 30 inches of snow – it was crazy! Some cars in my neighborhood were buried in snow, and by that, I mean you could only see the roof of the car. Thank goodness for midshipmen from the Naval Academy, who… Read more »

I made these yesterday when I met up with my sweet and funny friends, Alexis and Sarah, and they told me I had to post the recipe to the blog. Well, here ya go, ladies! This turned out to be way better than running out to get donuts, because that would have been slightly out of the way. Ain’t nothing wrong with donuts, though! Maybe next time. 😉 These muffins are great – moist, not cloyingly sweet, fresh with bananas… Read more »

It sounds elaborate, but it’s really not, which is why I love this dessert. Before I made this, I was envisioning a hot pumpkin pudding. I made it about four times, failing to achieve the right consistency, and was about to give up and think of something else to make for my fall-themed cooking class last week. The morning of my cooking class, a light went on in my head, to use some of the sweetened condensed non-dairy milk I… Read more »

These date and coconut bars are pretty amazing. I love pretty much anything with a streusel topping, and didn’t want to make the usual jam or fruit crumble. I had a package of dates in my pantry, brought them back to life by hydrating them in a little warm water, pitted them, and proceeded with the recipe. Eat them cold (personally, I just like them that way). They’re crumbly, remain moist when packed in a plastic baggie, and are not… Read more »

My 4-year-old loves these popsicle molds that I bought from Sur la table, and I do too! They’re so cute, portion-controlled, and she loves to pull up a chair to the kitchen counter to help make the “green monkey” popsicles and put the popsicle sticks in for me. Introduce fruits and vegetables to your kid’s snacks by simply making a thick smoothie and putting them in fun popsicle molds. In this little treat, I put in kale, banana, coconut milk,… Read more »

Pandan, or screwpine (lá dứa in Vietnamese) leaves are one of my favorite flavorings for Vietnamese desserts. You can find fresh, frozen leaves in the freezer section of an Asian grocery store. When blended and pulverized with water, then strained, it results in a bright, deep green juice, similar to wheatgrass juice. If you’re not familiar with this flavoring, pandan has a grassy, vanilla-like, coconut-y taste that’s paired very well with coconut juice and coconut milk. I love making my… Read more »