I really try to limit making this, because when I do, I tend to grab a spoonful of it every time I open the fridge. By the time I realize it, most of it is gone! Ack! So embarrassing. Even though I’m a newbie when it comes to vegan cuisine, I have found that everything I’ve taught in my cooking classes has been LEGIT with the vegan community out there. This cherry crisp, for instance. I taught this a few… Read more »

I love sticky rice, and if you add coconut and a touch of sweetness to it, then I’m a happy camper. I’m all for the Thai dessert of sticky rice and mango, but I’m not a fan of the thick coconut milk mixture that goes on top of the rice. I think it’s a textural thing that I don’t really like, but I overcame that with the way I made this sticky rice! Next time you go to an Asian… Read more »