When I first became “super plant-based,” it wasn’t hard for me to not eat meats like chicken or beef, and I haven’t craved the taste or texture of those meats in over a year and a half. I do, however, order shrimp or other seafood every once in a while, especially if the restaurant’s vegetarian or vegan option is a total rip-off and sounds disgusting (which happens). This is why I can’t call myself 100% vegan, but I am fully… Read more »

This dish pretty much kicks butt. I made this one night, when it was getting colder and we needed a hearty “no-meat and potatoes” type dish. My hubs was so enthusiastic about this, which to me is great, because this meal takes no effort to put together! Roast potatoes with fresh rosemary, saute the seitan for a few minutes, then pour the seitan mixture over the potatoes. Done and done! I’ve made this with other root vegetables too, all with… Read more »

Beans do not normally appear too often in Asian recipes, save for soybean products (tofu, tempeh), sweet red bean paste in mochi (Japanese), and mung beans in sweet coconut soup (che, in Vietnamese). I have set out to change this! Beans are awesome, because they’re a plant-based source of protein, essential for eaters who heavily rely on plants to keep them running. As you all know, I do a lot of food prep on the weekends. Cooking dried beans, some… Read more »

These little bean and rice wraps are pretty much a staple in this house these days. I love making them, because collard greens are a greater source of nutrients and fiber than white flour tortillas or rice paper summer roll wrappers (although I love those as well, but you gotta make the majority of your intake nutrient-dense!). And for your wallet’s sake, a whole batch of these wraps costs less than $5 to make. I’ll even get into some nutrition… Read more »

My husband and daughter are one of a kind – they LOVE brothy soups, like Vietnamese pho, or miso soup. They love salty, crunchy, roasted seaweed sheets. They fight over those Japanese crackers that have soy-sesame flavors. It just occurred to me those all include Japanese flavors, and P is part Japanese, so that means C is too! That explains it! Anyway, although I like those things, it’s not as if someone was tempting me with sweets. So I just… Read more »

These tacos are a great way to introduce vegan food to a crowd that doesn’t normally consume things like seitan, tofu, and tempeh. I served seventy of these (SEVENTY) to my friends at church the other day, and was elated when I got great reviews (because, honestly, I get a little nervous before I do things like this). I got comments on how they tasted so flavorful and “meaty,” and out of seventy tacos served, only one person said that… Read more »

My mother-in-law has a kaffir lime tree in her backyard, and whenever she comes to visit us, I always get a baggie full of fragrant leaves to cook with (the rest I put in the freezer – it stores beautifully!). To me, there is no substitute for the leaves – they add such a wonderful, herby flavor to any dish that you can’t really make excuses not to have it. But don’t fear – they’re not at all hard to… Read more »

This has got to be one of my all-time favorites. Who says there aren’t enough protein options when it come to vegan food? You’ve got beans, legumes, tofu, tempeh, edamame, and seitan, to name a few. Seitan is actually vital wheat gluten, mixed with seasonings and water or broth, and then either steamed, baked, or simmered. You can then slice the seitan thinly to make stir-fries, or cube it to make stews. In this preparation, I simply mix pre-made seitan… Read more »

Let’s just get this out of the way – I will not comment on the shape of these mushrooms. However, I do have to say that these mushrooms are incredibly versatile – I’ve put them in soups, stir-fries, noodles, and the list goes on and on. So when my mother-in-law suggested I make KING MUSHROOM SCALLOPS, I was so excited, because I had not thought of that before! This recipe is for you, Ma! King oyster mushroom scallops Print Recipe… Read more »

When we were still eating meat, one of the favorite things I would make for my daughter would be a simple chicken soup, loaded with grains and vegetables. It would give me lots of satisfaction to know that every bit would have some veggies, protein, and high-fiber grains. She loves brothy soups, so this was always an easy meal for me to make. And if you’re wondering if my 4-year-old has always eaten so well, the answer is NO. She… Read more »