I never could eat a full baked potato, until now. It always seemed so, well, boring to douse each starchy bite with sour cream and cheese (both of which I do not eat anymore). Until this past winter, which, here on the East Coast, was a LONG winter, with lots of snow days (it got old after the third snow day). We’d venture out to the nearest open restaurant that had hot, baked potatoes, which were really good, and topped… Read more »

You’ll hear a lot of vegans gripe about how others will ask them, “Well, if you don’t consume any animal products, how do you get your protein?” They gripe about it because it’s SO EASY – a no-brainer, really, and if you include a variety of different plant-based foods into your eating, it’s really a non-issue. Let me just give you a little list of vegan, protein-providing foods out there – beans, legumes, lentils, nuts and nut butters, oatmeal, seeds,… Read more »

Hello, game-changer! I made these last week, when we had a tent space and served all plant-based snacks and appetizers at the United States Naval Academy vs. St Johns College croquet match. It’s a fun rivalry between the two schools, and people usually host little get-togethers while the croquet match is on. We had a lot of fun with friends and midshipmen stopping by our tent, and I was wracking my brain for the longest time, figuring out what to… Read more »

You will laugh at this, because it’s not even a recipe. But if you love sushi (like I do), then you will love this vegan sushi, deconstructed into a rice bowl. I eat this at least once a week; it’s a super-easy lunch that you can throw together in five minutes (if that!). I go to the Korean market and find seasoned, roasted, and crumbled seaweed (also called seasoned laver), but you can also just go to your local market… Read more »