Holy cow. The past few days, my 11-month-old has been waking up every morning at around 5:27am instead of 7:30am. This means that I can’t get up in time to wake up for the day, and I usually stumble into her room without even putting my glasses on (I’m blind as a bat, by the way) because I have to address the “MAMA!!!!!” cries. I’ve tripped over a book and stubbed my toe getting to her. Oh, and she’s teething… Read more »

I used to live in Hawaii. My husband was stationed there in the military, and that’s where I moved to after we got married. Yeah, I wasn’t complaining about that! It was a wonderful two years. I learned how to surf and got a pink surfboard (let’s not get ahead of ourselves – I wasn’t that good and just liked the rolling baby waves), went foraging for banana lilikoi and strawberry guava fruits on our hikes, and hubby and I… Read more »

I’d be the first person to tell you that I LOVE donuts. Something about the fried, crispy exterior and cakey inside is my foodie weakness. Maple cake donuts, to be exact. There are no vegan donuts around where we are in the Bay Area, but if I go to Whole Foods earlier in the day, they have just what I need if I’m craving it – vegan maple cake donuts! Obviously, I can’t be eating donuts often. Even though foods… Read more »

Rise and shine, it’s workout time! Because my husband is a chronic coffee-no-brekkie guy, I like to throw a couple of these his way when he heads out the door. He’s really working on his nutrition in the morning, because those morning workouts are a different animal. I don’t know what your specific workouts are, so I won’t bore you with the details of meal timing, hydration recommendations, and all that stuff. You can either have these with your breakfast,… Read more »

My 4-year-old loves these popsicle molds that I bought from Sur la table, and I do too! They’re so cute, portion-controlled, and she loves to pull up a chair to the kitchen counter to help make the “green monkey” popsicles and put the popsicle sticks in for me. Introduce fruits and vegetables to your kid’s snacks by simply making a thick smoothie and putting them in fun popsicle molds. In this little treat, I put in kale, banana, coconut milk,… Read more »