I’ve been meaning to make a blueberry coffee cake for a couple weeks now, but haven’t had the time. We’ve been out of town the past week, so the last few days were for getting recharged and back to the norm. I woke up early this morning, and made this blueberry coffee cake. I admit, it was pretty awesome being able to get this done before both of my baby girls were up! Let’s talk about this coffee cake! Not… Read more »

It sounds elaborate, but it’s really not, which is why I love this dessert. Before I made this, I was envisioning a hot pumpkin pudding. I made it about four times, failing to achieve the right consistency, and was about to give up and think of something else to make for my fall-themed cooking class last week. The morning of my cooking class, a light went on in my head, to use some of the sweetened condensed non-dairy milk I… Read more »