I woke up at 4:47am this morning. My sleep has been really erratic with a 9-month-old, so it was no big surprise that I couldn’t go back to sleep. Then my stomach started growling, and as any mom knows, when you have a chance to eat, you eat, because you don’t know when else you’ll have a free minute! I started thinking that it would be a great treat for my 6-year-old to wake up to some baked vegan doughnuts…. Read more »

This sauce was served as an accompaniment to my Buddha bowl party. It’s great to just have a bowl of this hanging out in your fridge to dress up any bowl of rice, use as a dipping sauce for summer rolls, toss with pasta and some greens for a quick meal, or have it as an accompanying sauce for fried tofu. It’s super easy to make, and has a lot of my favorite ingredients (peanut butter, coconut milk, and Thai… Read more »

I’d be the first person to tell you that I LOVE donuts. Something about the fried, crispy exterior and cakey inside is my foodie weakness. Maple cake donuts, to be exact. There are no vegan donuts around where we are in the Bay Area, but if I go to Whole Foods earlier in the day, they have just what I need if I’m craving it – vegan maple cake donuts! Obviously, I can’t be eating donuts often. Even though foods… Read more »