The other day, my hubs was supposed to bring a snack to his department at work for a meeting. It totally slipped his mind! We don’t have storage space for tons of snacks (we also like to just buy what we need for the week and don’t get things in bulk), so we didn’t have anything in our pantry. But I did have some garbanzo beans (chickpeas), tahini (sesame seed paste), celery, and rainbow-colored carrots (love those!) in the fridge,… Read more »

These date and coconut bars are pretty amazing. I love pretty much anything with a streusel topping, and didn’t want to make the usual jam or fruit crumble. I had a package of dates in my pantry, brought them back to life by hydrating them in a little warm water, pitted them, and proceeded with the recipe. Eat them cold (personally, I just like them that way). They’re crumbly, remain moist when packed in a plastic baggie, and are not… Read more »

My husband and daughter are one of a kind – they LOVE brothy soups, like Vietnamese pho, or miso soup. They love salty, crunchy, roasted seaweed sheets. They fight over those Japanese crackers that have soy-sesame flavors. It just occurred to me those all include Japanese flavors, and P is part Japanese, so that means C is too! That explains it! Anyway, although I like those things, it’s not as if someone was tempting me with sweets. So I just… Read more »

My mother-in-law has a kaffir lime tree in her backyard, and whenever she comes to visit us, I always get a baggie full of fragrant leaves to cook with (the rest I put in the freezer – it stores beautifully!). To me, there is no substitute for the leaves – they add such a wonderful, herby flavor to any dish that you can’t really make excuses not to have it. But don’t fear – they’re not at all hard to… Read more »

I am picky about my mayonnaise, and when I started on this plant-based journey about a year ago, found that it was difficult to find a good substitute. I also did not like having to succumb to supermarket imitation mayo-like spreads that were full of chemicals and hard-to-pronounce ingredients. So I set off on a vegan mayo recipe hunt, and when I found this recipe by Isa Chandra Moskowitz, it was a winner! Side note – Isa’s book, Isa Does… Read more »

When we were still eating meat, one of the favorite things I would make for my daughter would be a simple chicken soup, loaded with grains and vegetables. It would give me lots of satisfaction to know that every bit would have some veggies, protein, and high-fiber grains. She loves brothy soups, so this was always an easy meal for me to make. And if you’re wondering if my 4-year-old has always eaten so well, the answer is NO. She… Read more »

I never could eat a full baked potato, until now. It always seemed so, well, boring to douse each starchy bite with sour cream and cheese (both of which I do not eat anymore). Until this past winter, which, here on the East Coast, was a LONG winter, with lots of snow days (it got old after the third snow day). We’d venture out to the nearest open restaurant that had hot, baked potatoes, which were really good, and topped… Read more »

I really try to limit making this, because when I do, I tend to grab a spoonful of it every time I open the fridge. By the time I realize it, most of it is gone! Ack! So embarrassing. Even though I’m a newbie when it comes to vegan cuisine, I have found that everything I’ve taught in my cooking classes has been LEGIT with the vegan community out there. This cherry crisp, for instance. I taught this a few… Read more »

I’ve been wanting to make this for awhile – now that spring is here, it finally feels appropriate to make fresh tomato and basil salads! We spent a month in Florence, Italy, a couple of years ago, and had a mini kitchen in the place where we stayed. I would go to the Mercato Centrale every week (eh, sometimes three times a week, but who’s counting?) to stock up on fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs. I bought a tiny bottle… Read more »

I love sticky rice, and if you add coconut and a touch of sweetness to it, then I’m a happy camper. I’m all for the Thai dessert of sticky rice and mango, but I’m not a fan of the thick coconut milk mixture that goes on top of the rice. I think it’s a textural thing that I don’t really like, but I overcame that with the way I made this sticky rice! Next time you go to an Asian… Read more »