Hi! My name is Tram. I am imperfect.

Welcome to my site, where my goal is to walk with you towards your “veg-living” goals. I, myself, hesitate to call my eating habits or lifestyle vegan, because I feel that to call myself “vegan,” I have to be perfect. But I’m SO NOT. I’ll eat an egg if it’s from my friend’s chicken coop, or put in a teaspoon of half-and-half into my coffee, if the coffee shop doesn’t have soy or almond milk available. I don’t want to freak out at the waiter if my bread was brushed with a milk glaze when I gobble it down. But, I do try my best. For those of you that are veteran vegans, please don’t overly criticize, bully, or judge the fact that I can’t officially call myself “vegan.” It’s such a personal decision, and veganism is not just a way of eating, but a way of life. All I’m saying is, I’m just doing the best I can, man!

So no, I’m not vegan, but most of my life is now, and I put in a lot of effort to consume plant-based, even when it’s a little more difficult and my kitchen is unavailable (like travelling!). I guess if you HAD to put a label on me, you’d call me Super Plant-Based! For me, it’s about my intentional, mindful, compassionate living. So, if I don’t eat the way you’d like me to, I ever-so-kindly suggest you redirect your online efforts to a blog more suitable to your taste.

This website will show you tons of vegan recipes, restaurant reviews, and beauty product reviews to minimize your environmental impact on the earth, better your health, and better the well-being of animals.

Some of you may recognize me by my old website, Nutrition to Kitchen. I had that blog for 7 (SEVEN!!!) years, and that blog was mainly my food diary. That food diary has evolved so much into mainly vegan recipes, and I realized much of my life has morphed into a vegan-eating lifestyle.

The story: my husband, marathoner that he is, had high cholesterol levels. I’ve been trying to lower his cholesterol through diet for a few years, and never got it right (which ticked off the dietitian in me). Last year, I said, “Let’s do vegan…MOST of the week. And if your cholesterol can’t lower in three months, then what you have is pretty much genetic, and you have to go on meds.” I started poring over recipes and methods that would fill us up, satisfy us, and find ways to make vegan food still flavorful, because we are serious foodies, and cannot subsist on salads and granola alone (no offense to the salad and granola fans).

In three months, I was prepared for the bad news as P went to get his blood lipid panel drawn. His doctor ended up calling him, because astonishingly enough, his total cholesterol AND LDL lowered to the point of not needing meds! He said to P, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but whatever you’re doing, keep doing it, because it’s working.” There began a life change in us (I never was a big meat eater, and the food I was making was really good, so this wasn’t a drastic change).

We kept doing this, eating mostly plant-based during the week and being more flexible if we ate out on the weekends, until we saw an animal welfare documentary called “Earthlings,” exposing the stark truths about animal slaughter and all the uses humans make out of animals. It truly humbled me, and the absolute minimum I can do to help would be to change my eating habits, as much as I can, and spread the message that you can have really, really, really good food and not have to eat meat, dairy, or cheese.

I love the newfound creativity and successes I get in the kitchen with my plant-based experiments, and wish to share them with you here. Also, I love to travel, and after finding really good vegan eats on my ventures, there’s no reason I should hold back on sharing this information with you all! Lastly, I know it’s hard to find beauty products that haven’t been tested on animals, and I want to share those finds with you, especially ones that work!

So, join me, as we eat good food, travel the world, and look good (well, try to, at least!), all the while being compassionate to our health, to our environment, and to animals!


More about me:

I’m a Registered Dietitian. I have a Masters degree in Nutrition Sciences. I teach vegan and Asian fusion cooking classes. I teach college classes. I have a loving hubby (P), a spunky, loveable, 6-yr-old daughter (older C), a constantly-smiling 1-year-old (little C), and a dog who thinks he’s a cat.

All food pictures were taken by me, except if otherwise stated.

Photo cred Kavan Lake Photography, for my “about me” pictures. Thank you again!