This dish was a hit in my house. For weekly grocery shopping, I usually fill up on staples that are running low (beans, lentils, tofu, coconut milk, spices, nondairy milks), get ingredients for a specific dish I want to make, and then a few fruits and veggies for the week. I usually don’t have a recipe in mind, and can usually think of something to make when given a few ingredients. This was one of those dishes, because I wanted… Read more »

Somehow, I always cook more chickpeas than I need. I try to find different ways to use them in my food, and this time, while I was looking in my fridge, I knew that the leftover brown rice I had would be a perfect binder and lighten up the density of the chickpeas in some veg burgers. I love these veggie burgers, and wish I made more, because my husband snacked on the last couple of patties before bed. Thanks… Read more »

This recipe is for my friend, Stella! I post frequently on Instagram (@this_veglife), more often than I do here. I haven’t had much time to do other stuff, since I had my baby towards the end of August, and meals as of late have been flash-prepared in a matter of minutes, with no time to write down recipes. When I posted a picture of this and Stella asked for the recipe, the pressure was on to start doing this recipe-writing… Read more »

Beans do not normally appear too often in Asian recipes, save for soybean products (tofu, tempeh), sweet red bean paste in mochi (Japanese), and mung beans in sweet coconut soup (che, in Vietnamese). I have set out to change this! Beans are awesome, because they’re a plant-based source of protein, essential for eaters who heavily rely on plants to keep them running. As you all know, I do a lot of food prep on the weekends. Cooking dried beans, some… Read more »

My mother-in-law has a kaffir lime tree in her backyard, and whenever she comes to visit us, I always get a baggie full of fragrant leaves to cook with (the rest I put in the freezer – it stores beautifully!). To me, there is no substitute for the leaves – they add such a wonderful, herby flavor to any dish that you can’t really make excuses not to have it. But don’t fear – they’re not at all hard to… Read more »