We’re travelling a lot this month, and that means I try to get my lotions, sunscreens, and face washes at our final destination. Why? Because airplane travel always leads to fun surprises, like face wash leaking or sunscreens that burst because of pressure changes in the airplane! Even if I take extra precaution, like ziploc bagging my beauty products, it always leads to some sort of mess. If anyone can please tell me the secret to a no-mess flight, please,… Read more »

My cousin, Nhumy, has been a vegan for nearly seven years now. She is one serious yogi (as if you can’t tell by the picture) and has a degree in Nutrition. The girl doesn’t cook (which has always baffled me, but she’s lucky that she has a sister who feeds her belly vegan yummies!), but she has great recommendations for cruelty-free beauty routines, and she’ll share them here. I asked her awhile back, why she chose the vegan lifestyle. She replied,… Read more »