This dish was a hit in my house. For weekly grocery shopping, I usually fill up on staples that are running low (beans, lentils, tofu, coconut milk, spices, nondairy milks), get ingredients for a specific dish I want to make, and then a few fruits and veggies for the week. I usually don’t have a recipe in mind, and can usually think of something to make when given a few ingredients. This was one of those dishes, because I wanted… Read more »

My husband and daughter are one of a kind – they LOVE brothy soups, like Vietnamese pho, or miso soup. They love salty, crunchy, roasted seaweed sheets. They fight over those Japanese crackers that have soy-sesame flavors. It just occurred to me those all include Japanese flavors, and P is part Japanese, so that means C is too! That explains it! Anyway, although I like those things, it’s not as if someone was tempting me with sweets. So I just… Read more »