The other week, I was at the San Mateo farmer’s market, and there was a vendor selling all sorts of sprouted beans and lentils. I’ve never sprouted lentils before, but I do love me some red lentils – in chili, soups, and stews, and I wanted to make a salad out of some. You can’t eat lentils raw, but you can eat them raw if they have been sprouted. They become more readily digestible, phytic acid content is reduced (phytic… Read more »

This has been my most-requested recipe to put up on the blog, so it’s time for this soup to make an appearance! I always delay posting this because it is so quick to make and I never write the recipe down. But I hear ya and here it is! Last week, I was a guest speaker at a Whole Foods plant-based meet up, and my topic was how to stock the Asian vegan pantry. I spoke about some ingredients that… Read more »