I used to live in Hawaii. My husband was stationed there in the military, and that’s where I moved to after we got married. Yeah, I wasn’t complaining about that! It was a wonderful two years. I learned how to surf and got a pink surfboard (let’s not get ahead of ourselves – I wasn’t that good and just liked the rolling baby waves), went foraging for banana lilikoi and strawberry guava fruits on our hikes, and hubby and I… Read more »

For those who know me, I love having people over to share a meal and entertain. When my husband was the Officer Rep for a student club over at the Naval Academy, it was pretty common for us to host a meal for up to 30 midshipmen at a time. I’m no stranger when it comes to cooking for a crowd, but our place was big back in Annapolis. It’s much smaller here in the Bay Area, but we still… Read more »

Yesterday, I posted this Thai tofu scramble up on my Instagram account (@this_veglife). I’ve made this tofu scramble for a couple of years now, and even taught it to a vegan breakfast cooking class at the Whole Foods Culinary Center in Annapolis, MD. This is an old recipe, but one that I have been using for a long time. I never measure, so when I have to write a recipe, I have to buckle down and jot things down on… Read more »

My husband and daughter are one of a kind – they LOVE brothy soups, like Vietnamese pho, or miso soup. They love salty, crunchy, roasted seaweed sheets. They fight over those Japanese crackers that have soy-sesame flavors. It just occurred to me those all include Japanese flavors, and P is part Japanese, so that means C is too! That explains it! Anyway, although I like those things, it’s not as if someone was tempting me with sweets. So I just… Read more »

You will laugh at this, because it’s not even a recipe. But if you love sushi (like I do), then you will love this vegan sushi, deconstructed into a rice bowl. I eat this at least once a week; it’s a super-easy lunch that you can throw together in five minutes (if that!). I go to the Korean market and find seasoned, roasted, and crumbled seaweed (also called seasoned laver), but you can also just go to your local market… Read more »